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Information for Partners and Sponsors

WarwickHACK 2022 is over, but we'll be back again next year - please get in touch if you're interested in sponsoring us!

event summary

WarwickHACK is WarwickTECH's official hackathon, run in partnership with MLH and Hackathons UK. We've been running MLH hackathons since 2014, and this will be our first hybrid hackathon! πŸš€

WarwickHACK 2023 will be taking place in the newly revamped Junction Building on campus - participants will be able to join us both virtually and in-person (Covid-19 restrictions permitting). πŸ’»

Our hackathon has no theme and is open to all university students. πŸŽ“ Warwick talent will be overrepresented at WarwickHACK as we are Warwick Uni's only official student-led hackathon.

Event Details

- Date: Feb 2023 (exact date TBC)
- Website: hack.warwick.tech
- Number of Participants: 200 (up to 80 in person, the rest online)
- Location: University of Warwick and online

'Hackathon Renaissance' - a short video from our partner MLH.

the state of hackathons

'Hackathons, which are a quick route for idea generation, have been surging in popularity for various reasons in recent years […]

Overall, we discern a common trendβ€”hackathons everywhere are helping organisations battle talent scarcity, acquisition, and retention while fueling innovation across domains and functions. - HackerEarth πŸ“’

Hackathons are built on an ethos of teamwork, experimentation and demonstration - building things you're passionate about in teams of 4 and sharing them at the end δ·‡

MLH-backed hackathons aren't the only ones out there - many corporates run their own hackathons, and funds like a16z and Greylock have run their own ones too.

who are warwickTECH? πŸ€”

WarwickTECH is a student-led angel fund with a portfolio of start-ups founded by Warwick students. We have expertise in top tech sectors including crypto, AI/ML, hardware, and gaming. We're a small team of passionate students who want to connect Warwick's makers, creators and innovators.

The structure of our organisation gives us two key advantages: πŸ’ͺ
1. Our hackathon can be entirely self-sponsored if necessary - WarwickTECH is the first sponsor of WarwickHACK πŸŽ—
2. We have access to 'sponsors' that other hackathons don't have - our portfolio, most of which have built (or will soon build) their own APIs, don't have to pay to sponsor (they've already paid with equity) πŸ™Œ

We also like to open up the event, at a small cost, to our friends outside of the portfolio, especially companies in our co-investors' portfolios πŸ‘

High talent concentration + diverse range of APIs = better product ideation, distribution and easier differentiation of potential new hires 🌱

'The Hackathon Zoo' - some of the amazing opportunities that hackathons present to both participants and companies


We work with a range of companies, our sweet spot is pre-Series A startups πŸ‘Œ

ServiceMega Package (Β£1,102*)Giga Package (Β£2,205*)
Gratitude given in opening and closing presentation (on attendance)βœ“βœ“
Logo on website, t-shirt, flyers, banners & postersβœ“βœ“
Ability to bring branded stallsβœ“βœ“
Ability to bring 'swag'βœ“βœ“
Ability to speak in opening and closing presentationsβœ—βœ“
Ability to bring recruitment materials and mentorsβœ“βœ“
Ability to host a workshop and/or mini-event (e.g. focused on using your API, or for onboarding onto your platform/tech stack)βœ—βœ“
Ability to bring a sponsor prize (e.g. internships)βœ—βœ“
Ability to sponsor a prizeβœ“βœ“
Ability to put forward a challenge & judgeβœ—βœ“

You can get a 30% discount on either package if you provide access to your API.Start-ups get an additional 1/3 off on either package.

Contact events@warwick.tech for pricing for Series B+ companies, corporates and funds πŸ‘‹


key partners πŸ”Œ

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societies 🀝

  • Warwick Coding Society

  • Warwick Data Science Society


If you're interested in sponsoring us or have any questions about the event or our packages, drop us an email at events@warwick.tech.

You can also get in touch via any of our social media channels:

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